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Co-building responsibly
the packaging industry!

The CoPack Chair is a partnership chair supported by the AgroParisTech Foundation, an establishment recognized for public utility in the development of projects that provide innovative solutions.

Launched in 2021 for a period of five years, our mission is to contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the food packaging sector, while respecting the evolution of society. 


In collaboration with stakeholders from all sectors in the packaging industry, from producers of raw materials to end-of-life waste management agents, the CoPack Chair sets up scientific projects with the aim of proposing new solutions for packaging.

Zero Waste Kitchen

A partnership

For projects

fundamentally collaborative!

Public services, Ministries, Communities, Foundations, Industrialists, Researchers, Associations, NGOs, Startups, doctoral students and students.

Multiple areas
of Expertise

Around new

packaging concepts!

Materials and food sciences

Process sciences,

Consumer behavior sciences. 

Associated professions

In the food packaging sector!

Research, development, transformation
agri-food, logistics,

training, CSR and communication.

CoPack Chair: Co-building responsible packaging
CoPack Chair : Co-building responsible packaging

for single use

Bringing together all the stakeholders of the packaging industry!

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